Discover the benefits of refurbished industrial robots at CRB. Our dedicated team thoroughly inspects and, if necessary, overhauls each robot to ensure you get the same precision as a new robot, at a lower cost and with faster delivery times. We offer complete automation solutions for almost all industrial sectors, including aerospace, machine tools, automotive, logistics, and palletizing. Thanks to our extensive network of experts in robotics, automation, and mechanics, we can also offer you software solutions, manufacturing, installation, and turnkey solutions. Contact us today and automate your production with used industrial robots from CRB.

KUKA, ABB, and other brands of used robots are quickly available and easy to integrate into existing systems. In addition, CRB offers comprehensive services such as retrofitting, commissioning, and maintenance.

FANUC R-2000 Series

  • The most popular model in the FANUC robot family is the R-2000, an intelligent robot suitable for versatile applications such as spot welding, handling, and assembly.
  • The weight reduction of the mechanical unit and the compact robot achieves significantly improved motion performance, allowing for higher productivity. The rigid yet lightweight arm and advanced motion control technology contribute to this.
  • Extensive options are available for various processes, including a spot welding arm.
Robotertechnik von CRB FANUC-R2000

FANUC M-900 Series

  • M-900iB/700: heavy payload capacity of 700kg. It can be used for handling large glass, drilling or riveting, for example for aircraft windows.
  • M-900iB/400L – 400 kg payload and 3.70m reach. This model has a large working space and can be used for lifting bodies and handling large structures.
  • M-900iB/360: high-speed type with a payload of 360 kg. Compact wrist and high-speed movement meet your needs in various applications, such as transfer and spot welding. This model can be mounted on a ceiling.
  • M-900iB/280L – payload of 280 kg and 3.10m reach. Can be mounted on a ceiling.
  • M-9001B/280: high stiffness type with a capacity of 280 kg.

FANUC M-710 Series

  • FANUC Robotics M-710/C/45M, 50, 70 – with a payload capacity of 45kg, 50kg, and 70kg. A wide motion range and large wrist load capacity are sufficient to handle large panels.
  • FANUC Robotics M-710/C/50S – with a payload capacity of 50 kg, this model has a compact body suitable for operating in narrow spaces.
  • FANUC Robotics M-710IC/12L/20L/20M – with payload capacities of 12 kg, 20 kg, and another 20 kg, respectively. Long reach and high motion performance are suitable for various handling applications such as sealing and arc welding.
  • FANUC Robotics M-710/C/50H – with a payload of 50 kg, this is a 5-axis type robot. The ceiling mount enables a compact handling system.

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