The products of CRB drive technology stand for the highest standards of quality and innovation. Numerous patent applications and custom solutions underline our goal to always provide you with the perfect application possibility. CRB products are used in construction machinery such as cranes of all kinds, excavators, work platforms, deep drilling machines, in mechanical and plant engineering, in wind power, in vehicle construction, in ship loading and unloading equipment, steel plant facilities, in offshore technology, in opencast mining, in robots, in medical technology, in antennas, and many other applications.

Construction Machinery

Mining – In the past, raw materials were mined using simple tools such as shovels. It was only with the industrial revolution that excavators were equipped with steam engines, and later with diesel and electric motors. Today, machines are in use that can extract several hundred tons per hour. We offer “Powerful products for heavy-duty tasks”.

Offshore Industry

Offshore Industry – One of the most innovative and technologically demanding industries. Whether it’s the construction of offshore wind energy plants or the installation of new telecommunications cables, to develop the communication that connects us all, CRB creates the foundation.

Machine Components

Grinding machine – For the final polish of your surface. Machine tools require the highest precision. Precision demands precision!

Wind energy

Wind Energy – An innovation for a sustainable future. Wind is expected to become the crucial energy source of the future and is gaining increasing importance. Since 2005, CRB has been active in the field of wind energy and provides the drive for the important step towards the future.


Your fun, our success – Various drive components are also in demand in the entertainment industry. We are happy to support you in spreading them.

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