Partner companys

ALCiDES Robotics is a high-tech startup based in Leverkusen, Germany. Our team members come from universities and institutes specializing in logistics and technology. We have years of experience in developing automation systems and robots.

Our goal is to develop intelligent mobile robots for efficient material handling by using smart software to control autonomous mobile robots for material handling and interlogistics, as described by our Latin motto. This includes controlling lever and conveyor systems, forklifts, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

CRB Robotics AG offers industrial robots, both new and used, from reliable brands such as FANUC, KUKA, or ABB, all with verified quality. Our refurbished robots are pre-tested and, if necessary, overhauled by our dedicated team. As industrial robots are designed for sustainability, they maintain the same precision as new ones, but at a lower cost and with shorter delivery times!

Along with extensive networks, mostly from the fields of robotics, automation, and mechanics, CRB offers its customers in Europe a complete automation solution, intelligent manufacturing, and precision manufacturing for almost all industrial sectors, such as aerospace, machine tools, automotive, logistics, palletizing, etc., with software solutions, manufacturing, installation, and turnkey delivery to customers.

With over 25 years of experience in Germany, we offer our customers drive elements, bearings, rotary connections, and other forged parts, as well as common machine parts. With our own machine park, we manufacture on-site in Leverkusen for our customers with machining, assembly, and commissioning. We constantly stock over 3,000 parts on-site, so we can serve our customers immediately.

CRB Robotics AG, with its complete program of industrial robots and IIOT solutions, can help you make your business even more efficient and successful!

The company CUD GmbH operates the online business OUMIBUY (, a B2C e-commerce platform in Europe. Our platform offers a wide selection of approximately 2,000 products, including household appliances, entertainment electronics, consumables, cosmetics, office and stationery supplies, etc. With a large number of products stored in our warehouse in Leverkusen, we can deliver to customers on the same day. With a local team, we can also quickly serve and provide support to our European customers.